"Music is nothing else but wild sounds civilized into time and tune." - Thomas Fuller  

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    Dawn Shelton grew up as Dawn Joy Wilson in a very musical family. Her father began singing in the 8th grade when he was asked to sing in the Messiah, and he regularly sang solos in cantatas and itinerate ministries in various churches. Her mother had her own radio program at age 17 and both of her parents were heard regularly on radio broadcasts throughout the midwest and appeared on local television in Michigan.

    Dawn's maternal grandmother played piano, studied music at Drake University and, though urged by her educators to sing opera, traveled around the country playing piano for evangelist Paul Hutchens, whom she later married. In addition, all of Dawn's siblings and their children either sing, play musical instruments or both.

    Born July 15,1970, the fifth and youngest child to Kyle and Pauline Wilson, Dawn was always a "happy-go-lucky" kid, memorizing every commercial on TV, every Bible verse song from Sunday School and many hymns from her childhood. She sang her first solo at age 12 at summer camp and has performed in many choirs, competitions and musicals.

    She studied voice privately in high school and college with Marian Hoffman and won a Thursday Musical scholarship for performing Giacomo Carissimi's "Vittoria, Mio Core" and "I Hate Music" by Leonard Bernstein - the title of which suits Dawn's perspective perfectly. (She enjoys singing far more than the thematics and dramatics of music itself.)

    Dawn currently is adding venues for her jazz performances. She resides with her husband, Lee, and three children in suburban St. Paul, Minnesota.

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